Bali Wedding Packages

It’s not only Indonesian, but many people from other countries have a similar dream. It’s having a wedding ceremony in Bali Island.

Having a wedding ceremony means you will need to prepare the budget. You also need to consider the budget, if you plan to do this sacred ceremony in Bali Island.

This article will help you to identify and find out how much budget you need for having a wedding ceremony in Bali. It doesn’t include the transportation and accommodation budget. We only talk about the budget for the ceremony in Bali.

Firstly, try to use the “Bali Wedding Packages” on the search engine. Then, you will find many packages available for you. But, we can say they don’t always have what you actually need.

You need to do a survey. Spend your time to research and compare between one package and another. Usually, each of them has different offers, although it looks like the same. For example, the package A has a complete package, including makeup and hairstylist service. On the other hand, another similar package has more than that, such as they also include documentation (photo and video) service.

You also need to research more for the complete package with the documentation service. They can offer a different service. For example, the package A will make full documentation and give it to you without giving you editing service. On the other hand, the package B has a similar service, but they also do the editing process for your wedding documentation. Therefore, you need to ask about the detail beforehand to the company that you want to use.

You also can find many hotels and chapel in Bali that offer cheap wedding package in Bali – usually, you can only get the basic and standard service. And, when you use their service, they also offer something that you don’t need as well.

Therefore, you must aware of this kind of offer. Ask anything and in detail about the package that you are going to buy. Are you going to get anything that you need or there is a limitation in the package?

You also need to consider the numbers of guest. Usually, if you invite more than 70 guests, the budget for food and drink will increase. If you plan to have a wedding in 5 stars chapel in Bali, you also need to plan your budget carefully. Usually, the price of food and drinks in this high-class location is much expensive. Therefore, if you want to save your budget, you can choose another place.

The best solution for your wedding plan is using independent Wedding Organizers (WO). They will help you to calculate how much budget you need to prepare. Moreover, they also can help you to create the best plan to save more budgets. One of the best WO for this purpose is Ananda Yoga Organizer Bali.

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  1. I would like to inquiry for having wedding package in Bali .
    The date only can be decided by next month. I need to plan first for aroudn 20 ppl.

    We are Malaysian and would like to have wedding ceremony at chapel and reception as well.
    Could you give us advise ?


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