Ananda Yoga Organizer Wedding Of Intan And Cyprien Casabo 2

“I can’t find a reason why I love you, because every inch of you, any moves you make and everything you do always make me feel amazing.”

How great the love of this couple; Intan and Cyprien, you must see it from their eyes. The photographs are enough to say about the great happiness in their hearts, how they have big hopes and sureness to have a perfect life together.

Start from the wedding ceremony in the church. It is clearly seen they stepping together hand in hand with great hearts, because they are going to make promises to God for their forever loves. The world seems very supporting by giving the most beautiful day with clear sky.

This couple also loves their big family and cultures so much. See the big family join their wedding ceremony and celebration so much happily. After the wedding ceremony, the couple honor their parents by asking their permit and advices whilst kneeing and kissing their parents’ hands.

In the wedding reception, the couple choose a special theme by mixing Balinese and Batak cultures. They look fabulous in the purple suits and dress with strong touch of traditional clothes. This couple also choose traditional wedding decorations as the proof that they love the traditional culture.

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