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The Wedding of Farida and Giant

“You always can make me smile. That’s why I decide to be with in the rest of my life, because I’m sure that you can make me happy all the time.”

Farida and Giant is a quite unique couple. The photographs told about the uniqueness of the couple well. The bride is a lovely and calm woman. The groom is actually a calm one too but he often do something spontaneously and make all people laugh for it.

The couple choose a very simple concept for their wedding ceremony and reception. In the Islamic wedding ceremony, they only invite family members and best friends to be the witnesses of the love bonding. The bride wore white to show the holiness and purity of the moment. Meanwhile, the groom wore a simple tuxedo.

The wedding reception was held in the night with a simple concept too. The wedding couple wore international concept for this wedding party. Under the lights that create romantic atmosphere, every agenda of the reception was done, including having dinner, dancing, releasing balloons, etc. Everyone look very happy in all process of the wedding, especially the newlywed couple.







The wedding took place in Hanani Villa Jimbaran Bali and planned by Ananda Yoga Organizer. The photographer is Lovella Story and the hair and makeup artist is Amanda Makeup Artist.

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