Ananda Yoga Organizer Wedding Of Ayu Priskila And Yondy Bawana 29

The Wedding of Ayu Prikila and Yondy Bawana

“I never thought to find someone with a perfect physical beauty, but I always dream about someone with awesome inner beauty, someone who cares, always understands me and wants to walk together in any condition of life. “

This beautiful couple got their wedding ceremony in a wonderful church in Bali. Wearing their all pure white wedding suits and gown, the couple walk to the altar elegantly. In front of the altar, the wedding couple follow the ceremony and pray for their happy marriage with all of their hearts. All family members come and also pray for them; the beautiful young couple.

In the wedding reception, the newlywed couple used a different concept. They didn’t wear the white wedding suits anymore but the bride was wearing a dress with traditional touch in blue and pink color combination. The decoration of the venue was made in the same color theme. All guests enjoy the party and dinner as if they feel the happiness of the wedding couple well.

The wedding day was in 8 July 2015. Planned by a wedding organizer Ananda Yoga Organizer, the photographs were taken by Lovella Story. The wedding ceremony took place in GPT Getzemany and the reception celebration was held in Suarty Bali Villas.

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