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Bali Wedding Cakes

Unique Wedding Cake Trend in 2017

Wedding cake is an important wedding accessory. It symbolized the greatness, love, and happiness. Because of that most married couples are using wedding cake in various shape, design, and size. What kind of wedding cake do you want to use in your wedding? The list of wedding cake trend in 2017 here can be your answer.

Metallic Wedding Cake

Metallic is a glamour color and because of that people want to use it anytime they want. Now, you can also order a metallic wedding cake. This type of cake is a perfect option if you want to have glamour wedding theme. Even, metallic wedding cake is suitable for any kind of wedding theme. It looks simple but modern enough to use.

Ruffle Wedding Cake

It is not only you who can perform elegantly but also your wedding cake. You just need to order a ruffle wedding cake. Just image your wedding gown and it can be applied to your wedding cake. It doesn’t need any complicated detail. This type of wedding cake is perfect if you want to use country chic or garden wedding party.

Naked Wedding Cake

It seems weird but naked wedding cake becomes the latest trend in 2017. Naked means that the wedding cake doesn’t use cream to cover up all its part. As the result, you can see the filling of the cake and it looks fresh and interesting to see. It seems this type of cake is a good option for healthy or low sugar wedding cake.

White Wedding Cake

White wedding cake is an everlasting option. In fact, white symbolizes the holiness of the wedding. It is also simple and elegant. You don’t need to use too much detail and you can apply petals, pearls, or floral icing sugar for the additional accessories. Using the same or similar color is also perfect to give a little bit surprise.

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