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Simple and Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas Trend in 2017

One of important in preparing your wedding party is the wedding theme. There are hundreds of wedding themes you can choose. Some of them are included on the list of trending wedding décor 2017. So, what kind of wedding themes which commonly used for married couples in 2017?

Garden Wedding Party

For those who want to enjoy outdoor wedding because it seems to be closer and free, you can take garden party as your main theme. Just like the name of the theme, the wedding will be held in a garden along with floral accessories. You can combine green, white, wooden materials, cream lamps, and many more to create elegant and natural ambient.

Barn Wedding Party

You don’t have to take an expensive building to celebrate your wedding party, just remove it into a barn. Barn wedding party is also a popular wedding theme in 2017. Barn gives new wedding experience along with messy condition. You can bring lamps, wooden accessories, white napkins, and pastel colors. It looks warm and romantic.

Vintage Wedding Party

Vintage is not death yet. This theme still one of the best wedding theme ideas in 2017. To give different touch, the vintage wedding party is held outdoor along with unusual vintage accessories. For example, you can use Tosca cabinets and put some wedding snacks and cakes there. Moreover, it is also possible to use mirror with frame as a table to put wedding accessories.

Neutral Wedding Party

Neutral wedding theme is also an everlasting theme. It shows the simplicity but elegant as well. White, cream, gold, and wooden materials are common accessories used in neutral wedding theme. In short, it looks simple but it doesn’t lose the romantic sense.

So, which one of those wedding theme ideas you want to apply for your wedding celebration? Creativity is the key so you can have unique theme for your wedding ceremony.

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