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Bali Wedding Dress Rental

Bali wedding dress rental guideline

Finding a partner to married and spend the rest of your life together or even raising one or two children of your own might been a life goal for some of you. Have you proposed to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend soon? If so, you might need to start prepare for the wedding. Wedding is one of the most important event in everyone’s life. It signifies a shift to the next chapter of life. Before the biggest day of your life, there are indeed lots of things to be prepared starting from cake tasting, searching for the perfect venue, to choosing the perfect dress. Starting with the venue, first, you may want to decide whether you are going to have the wedding reception in your hometown or going to an exotic place to make the moment more unforgettable. If you are thinking on doing it abroad, Bali is the perfect place for your wedding. Rather than bringing your own wedding dress, risking on paying much more for the overweight baggage, here is Bali wedding dress rental guideline.

Wedding dates, when is the big day?

Before we guide you to find the most famous boutique that rent wedding dresses, you need to make sure that you have a firm decision on the wedding date. Most weddings thrown in Bali are at an outdoor setting. So, if you are planning to have an outdoor occasion, you need to know more about Bali’s weather. The perfect time to have a wedding in Bali is not during June to August, but it is recommended to have your wedding around April to May or September to October. This is due to during that months, you will experience better whether compared to the monsoon season where there will be plenty of rain. Price for flight tickets, hotels, and wedding venue is usually a bit cheaper too during that months.

La Mariee Boutique, the style savvy wedding dress consultant

Dreaming about the perfect wedding dress? Or you do not seem to be able to pick for the one you want? Do not worry because La Mariee Boutique will help you to find your style. They are located at Jl. Jayagiri XI no. 8B, Denpasar, Bali 80234 and it will help you to envision your perfect dress. They will guide you through by asking you to close your eyes and describe the perfect dress inside your imagination by using some adjective on how you want to feel and look at your very own wedding. Not only that, they will help you to find the wedding gown that would fit to your figure, while reflecting on the place and time of the wedding. You do not want to be overdressed or underdressed for your own wedding, right? So, you can seek advice from their highly trained consultants who has the experience and knowledge to help you to choose the perfect gown.

Ali Charisma, The celebrated Bali designer

Are you looking for a more haute couture like wedding gown? Well, if that is more of your style, you can go to the Ali Charisma on Jalan Camplung Tanduk 3, Seminyak, Bali. A friendly overview about the designer, Ali, he has been on fashion business for more than eight years. His career has produces some amazingly stunning dresses with through delicate handiwork playing with silky fabrics.

His wedding gown are available for a short order. This is perfect for you who does not like to wait for months to wait for the perfect wedding dress to be ready. He likes to play with sheer layers to show how free spirited the brides should be, while beautifully combined with bohemian silhouettes. Ali’s wedding gown might be one of the best place for your Bali wedding dress rental.

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