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Bali Wedding Food

Memorable Wedding Food Trend

Food is a must in any kind of occasions including wedding celebration. At the same time, it takes time to choose the best wedding foods. If you still working with choosing the best food for your wedding, just check the list of wedding food trend 2017 below. Hopefully, it helps you so your family and friends will be satisfied with the foods.

Organic Foods

Health food trend becomes more and more popular. As the result, more people eat health foods including organic food. Due to this healthy food trend, organic food becomes the latest wedding food in 2017. It will be perfect if you take local ingredients and it seems that you are put a farm to the table. They are healthy and delicious.

Nostalgic Foods

Just like the name, it means you bring old foods back to the table. This unique wedding food is also a trend in 2017. People love to talk about their past including the old foods. It will be a great surprise if you can give them some of difficult foods to find on the table. Let say, you can serve waffle, chicken, and many more.

Homey Foods

Sometimes, people love to eat homey foods instead of instant food. It is also possible for you to put those popular home foods. You don’t have to serve something difficult and complicated. Just serve homemade salads or homemade taco. Those foods are simple but memorable for them.

Small Bites Foods

Wedding party is also a place to meet old friends and family. Moreover, it is crowded and sometimes your family and friends just need something simple. Serving small bites food is also a good idea and it becomes the wedding food trend in 2017. It can be small bite burger, cup cakes, and many more.

Choosing wedding food based on the latest trend is a good option because people will love and enjoy it. The most important thing is that you finally served them well.

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