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Indian Wedding In Bali

How to Prepare Indian Wedding in Bali until D – Day

Talking about India never ends. This country saves its unique wedding culture making everyone curious to want to know. The Indian wedding has some series of wedding ceremony that is very long and requires some days starting a procession before wedding and after wedding. If you want to conduct an Indian wedding ceremony in Bali, this is possibly done. But, you need to apply the right Indian Wedding ceremony steps. Indian Wedding in Bali includes some the following preparations to D – Day.

Determining the Best Wedding Day

After bride and groom agree to hold a wedding, the first step is determining the best wedding day. Both should select the best time to hold a marriage and celebrate an Indian wedding in Bali. The Indians are religious trusting the best day for the wedding ceremony. The best day should have been agreed by both bride and groom.

Selecting the Best Wedding Venue in Bali

After determining the best wedding day for ceremony, you can select a further action. You need to select a wedding venue in Bali. You have to select and book it for far days before a wedding. It is used to prevent a full – booked wedding venue. The choice of wedding venue in Bali depends on your budget and necessity. Those can be conducted in hotel, wedding reception place, or the villas. The wedding venue can be outdoor and indoor. Try to select it based on the concept of Indian wedding in Bali.

Conducting Pre Main Rituals in Indian Wedding in Bali

The next wedding ceremony step is conducting main rituals in Indian wedding in Bali. The rituals of Indian wedding are so long and complicated. Before getting married, there is a ceremony namely shagun ritual. The shagun ceremony is like a marriage proposal by bringing some gifts for bride. After that, there is a main ritual, pithi. Pithi ritual symbolizes luck conducted in a separated way in both bride and groom. This tradition collects pasta from turmeric. The next ritual is ring exchange called as magni ceremony. This is an engagement session with bride and groom to – be in front of the family.

After it is finished, it continues mehndi ritual. Bride will wear mehndi. This process is aimed at decorating arms and legs of bride. This ceremony is conducted in bride’s house. The bride is usually accompanied by close persons and cousins. In this ritual, there is food and music party. You can dance and enjoy the party in the bride’s house. The last pre – marriage ritual is haldi ceremony. In this ritual, jasmine fragrance is watered to the body of bride and groom. Both are not allowed to go to outside of the house because the Indian wedding in Bali will conduct tomorrow. To do those rituals, you should rent a special house for pre – main rituals. The ritual venue should be different from wedding venue.

Holding Main Marriage Rituals in Indian Wedding in Bali

All rituals should be conducted in the chosen wedding venue in Bali. In this wedding venue, all family members sing with music. Then, bride mom will welcome a groom with Varah Satkaarah ritual. The bride mom receives groom by applying tilak on the forehead of groom signed to be luck. After that, bride mom accompanies him to altar with canopy representing a new house of bride and groom. Then, groom prays to Ganesha God. The next ritual is Kanya Aagaman meeting a groom to bride. The bride will be accompanied by uncle and aunt. The next ritual is Jai Mala, a ritual of bride and groom changing flower necklace. Then, it is continued by Hasta Melap ritual in which bride dad waters sacred and holy water on the hands of bride. The next one is Vivah Havan ritual in which married couple is surrounding holy fire or Madhuparka for seven times and declares a loyal vow. Those all wedding properties and tools must be available in Indian wedding in Bali. The last stage in the long Indian wedding in Bali is Kanyadaan. It is a wedding ritual of the last Indian weeding. This ritual is a giving procession of a bride to the broom by her family. Next, bride will live in broom’s house. Make sure that you have prepared all things needed for Indian Wedding in Bali.

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