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The Istana Villa Wedding

Romantic impression and the beauty of Bali nature
be a reason to get married at the Private Villa Bali

Important moments. Beautiful details.
A Lifetime of Happiness.

Bali beautiful scenery, full privacy, comfort,
luxury and freedom to design your wedding at Villa Bali.

The Istana Villa Wedding

The istana is a beautiful estate located in Uluwatu, Bali. This estate is situated on 5,200 square meters of cliff top land. It is approximately 100 meters above the Indian Ocean. Surely, the scenery that this estate offers is really breathtaking. This estate has five suites. All suites are overlooking a beautiful white sand Uluwatu beach and also lagoon. The lagoon has beautiful scenery during the sunset. You can also hear the natural sound of the ocean and the beach from the estate. Uluwatu beach is indeed known for its beauty and even a lot of foreign surfers come to the beach just to challenge the waves. If you stay in The Istana, you can reach the beach just in ten minutes walk.

The Istana is completed by amazing facilities including two swimming pools, entertainment rooms, and many more. The architecture of the estate is very traditional Indonesian architecture with long house design and unique detailing. However, this is a luxurious villa in which you can totally find modern facilities and also luxurious facilities in the villa. There will be artworks around the building and also beautifully-designed room such as dining room, living room, children’s wings, and also four identical bedrooms, master suites, and so on. All rooms are completed by air conditioners, Wi-Fi, and also modern furniture.


The location of the The Istana is very suitable for a vacation. It is located on the location named the Bukit. It is a limestone plateau rising beautifully from the sea. It is very magnificent and also very pretty to see. The area has blue sky almost every day with open space and turquoise water from the sea. The shore is stunning and this is where your villa will be. In the area, you can also see traditional seaweed farming done by the local residences around the area.

If you come to village from Bali’s International Airport, you need probably just half an hour to reach your destination. This villa is also 45 minutes away from the central of Bali nightlife which is in Kuta and Seminyak. This villa is also only 15 minutes away from the famous Bali Gold and Country Club in Nusa Dua. Basically this villa is close to most entertaining places in Bali. Staying in this villa will make you feel comfortable and easier to reach any destinations around Bali.

Living Room

The living room in this villa is designed specifically to display beautiful view. It has a vast area with maximum view to help you enjoy the scenery even more. You can get inside the beautiful living room through the main entrance of the villa. You can also get inside it via the colonnaded walkways on both side or directly from the garden. Most parts of the living room have teak wood as the materials. The teak wood has beautiful honey colors and also pretty grains to see. Inside the living room, you can see several segmented daybed-style sofas and also some ottomans. There are adjacent ponds that you can see in the living room and they produce relaxing sparkling water sound that will make you enjoy the day. There are palimanan stone walls on the both side of the rooms. There is also a bar with black marble top and also modern bar stools. You can totally use the bar to have cocktail party because the bar is completed by great arrays of wines and liquors that you can have. The living room has two symmetrical wings attached to it. One wing will lead you to the dining room and living room and the other wing will get you to the entertainment room (audio-visual room).

Dining Room

The dining room in the villa is fully air-conditioned. It has teak wood as its material and it has comfortable and warm feeling inside it. The dining room has glass doors that can be opened widely to see the water lily gardens outside the dining room. You can also open one of the glass doors of the room to see a direct view of the ocean. The dining table in the room is a sturdy teak wood dining table with twelve seats. So, it is a great place to have a dinner party together. The light can be dimmed to enhance the mood of anyone using the room. If you have a dinning party here and your guests want to use the bathroom, the guest toilet can be found right next to the dining room.

Audio-Visual Room

The audio-visual room or AV room for short is a great room to entertain yourself. It is a beautiful room completed with bookshelves full of interesting books. The room is fully air-conditioned and also completed by glass door that can be opened to overlook the front yard and also the backyard of the estate. Inside the AV room, you will find a huge relaxation couch with Thai silk-covered pillows. You can sit there while watching your favorite movies from a wide-screen projection TV home theater.


The bale or pavilion or more like a gazebo of this village is a very nice place to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali. The bale is located on the cliff top. From there, you can see breathtaking views of the majestic ocean near the Suluban Beach. In the bale, you can have a tatami table with twelve seats so that this place is great to have a small gathering with your friends and family. Of course, you can have barbecues and party because the equipments are all available. This bale is completed by automatic blinds and also half-wall of glass to protect the guest and ensure their safety. From this bale, surely majestic view of Mount Agung and also the ocean can be seen.

Children’s Wing

The children need their own space and in this villa they can get it. One of the wings in this villa is created and designed especially for the children. It has everything to prevent them from getting bored. There are sofas and entertainment equipments such as Playstations, DVD, TV, and also Bose sound system that you can have. The wing is perfect for five kids with all the bunk beds and also the nanny’s room.

Master Suite

The master bedroom of this villa is located slightly separately from the rest of the villa. The master bedroom is designed to provide the ultimate comfort for the usage of the room. It is completely breathtaking and also very private. That is why this master bedroom is very suitable for honeymoon couple. The master bedroom is completed by its very own entrance way, parking facility, and also its very own swimming pool. You can swim privately in the swimming pool and have a good time enjoying the sun loungers and also its very own pool shower. The master bedroom is full of teakwood floor and also ensuite bathroom. The bathroom has its own walk-in shower, glass door, and also sunken bath up.

Guest Suites

As for the guest suites in the villa, you can see that each and every one of the suite is decorated nicely with the carved limestone blocks. The design is like the traditional “ikat” weave from Sumba, Indonesia. It has walk-in closet and also bathroom with Bali style. In the room you can find full facility like air conditioner, DVD, stereo speakers, and also full Wi-Fi of course like the rest of the house. The suite is also completed by glass door that can be opened to see the scenery outside the suite.

Garden & Swimming Pool

If you love swimming, the main swimming pool of The Istana will not let you down. It has infinity edge so that it feels like you are swimming directly into the ocean. The swimming pool is surrounded by beautiful garden that you can also enjoy during the swimming time. The garden is beautifully designed and full of palm trees and also pretty flowers.

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