Alila Villas Soori

Romantic impression and the beauty of Bali nature be a reason to get married at the Private Villa Bali


Alila Villa Soori Wedding

The Resort

Bring the pleasure in the most relaxing, stylish, and luxurious of blissful paradise villa setting in beachfront villa location. AlilaVillassoori is located in the Southwest coast in Bali, near to Tanah Lot temple. The villa is lies in verdant rice terraces and black sand beaches view look into India ocean.

The villa is present the luxurious of perfect panoramic ocean look and windy breezes. The multiple level of space flow in beach make the view looks stunning fall. The villa is designed with interplay level of fire and water that reflects to the mood and experiences for appears. There is embrace of tranquility and vitality balance that makes characteristic from Bali, make Villa Soori so refreshing to redefines.


Alila villas soori near to Tanah Lot temple, about 20 minutes and 1 hour from international Bali airport, Ngurairai airport. Tanah Lot is the sacred and most famus visited temple in Bali. The villa itself includes into Tabanan regency, the most fertile and picturesque view in Bali region. The landscape in Tabanan range from volcanic mountain and the stunning rice terraces and continue into black sand beaches over view to Indian Ocean, present you with the beautiful beach view.


To bring you to the most stylish, luxurious and relaxing beachfront living, Alila Villa soori is designed with all luxury pool villa property. The guest are able to maximize their view to the surrounding beach views, sea and the paddies fields, but it still have the maximum privacy to guests. There are interconnected area for provide the harmonious step from interior design into exterior design space. The building build are oriented in the commitment for beach vieweing, sea and paddies fields but still maintain the privacy sense and shelter.

Alla villas sorry considered into 8-one bedroom of Mountain Pool villa, there are 15 of one-bedroom beach villa, and 15 of one bedroom ocean villa as well as it provide the residential villas. In each villa, it designed with private pool and villa hospitalities. Each of the villa is equipped with host services, the gourmet bar, facilities for making tea and espresso coffee, 24 hour all-in villa dining services, televisions, Apple Tv and iPod, double vanity for men and male, and all the luxurious amenities for signature bath requirement.


Spa Alila

The natural spa treatments indulge in Alila Spa. It is secluded sanctuary and it has reflective pond that create aqua roof to fill the spa with spectrum water light look.


Enjoy the most enchanted dining experience in any mood, moment, from formal into casual dining setting in beachfront dining. The Ombak, is the orquiet refreshment to enjoy the reading room comfort.

Infinity Pool

There is gaze across to the ocean glistening when you enjoy the refreshment in a dip pool.

Leisure concierges

If you have any specific activities or any kinds of excursions, the Leisure concierges can help you to activity and personal interest to create unique moment.

Soori Living

Experience the exclusive line of arts and crafts from various Bali island region places. The boutique soori living is available to see in around of resort. The entire item is selected to present you the clean lines and purity design. You can visit the item in 9 am to 9 pm

Culinary – enjoy the delicious food and cuisine in Soori Restaurant

Cotta ‘

Cotta offers you the authentic Indonesian cuisine and western food. All of the food presented in menu is presented in the most modern setting and prepared with traditional way.

Ombak restaurant

Ombak restaurant is the best place for enjoy the harmony and textures from great chefs from the fresh ingredients cuisine. In Ombak restaurant, there is fine dining that presented in casual style. Ombak restaurant also present the hands-on cooking and the sunset cocktails in the finest location.

Reading room

Reading Room provides you the best hot spot for interlude from the light, as base for gathering with your family and start earlier day for itinerary, friendly rendezvous and other with selected snacks and beverages.  There is bar station as place for serves tea and coffee, with sweets and savories for accompany you through the day. The art lounge is mixed with small round of two layer tops for having optional choose for indoor air conditioning. The reading room is area for people to read their favorite book, or to work with computer.