Ayana Resort and Spa

This Wedding Moment You Capture will be history that you will remember in the future.


Ayana Resort Garden Wedding

An enchanting resort and spa becomes an unforgettable wedding venue. Make your dream come true to hold a wedding ceremony in Ayana Resort and Spa for intimate celebration. It offers a hidden sea view with amazing venue. It is accentuated by 2000 white frangipani trees among canopies to accompany you in finding amazing view of sea from gazebo.

Secret Garden Wedding

Choose your wedding ceremony in Secret Wedding Garden to celebrate your love bond and vow. Exotic sea view of Indian Ocean shines brightly when sunset. It gives magical view for wedding show and reception in Bali. This wedding venue offers caresses of tropical sea wind on the cliff to drink in a romantic wedding. Secret Wedding Garden is very appropriate and ideal for wedding couple for finding intimate place for sacred wedding.