Blue Point Chapel, Uluwatu

This Wedding Moment You Capture will be history that you will remember in the future.


Blue Point Chapel Bali

The Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa makes your wedding dream comes true. This place is not only ideal for wedding ceremony, but it is also a recommended place for holiday. If you want to surf at an amazing place and host a party, this location is the right choice. You can build love connection through commitment, intimacy, and passion at this particular place.

The Wedding
Blue Point Bay offers you a chance to share your most cherish moments with your love ones. Additionally, the villas provides people romantic atmosphere that is simply right to set the love mood.

Heaven created marriages as two halves that are united as a soul. They are destined to be together forever. You can begin your journey in the chapel of glass right on the top of Uluwatu cliff. The view of the sunset at this Blue Point Chapel is outstanding.