Khayangan Estate

Romantic impression and the beauty of Bali nature be a reason to get married at the Private Villa Bali


Khayangan Estate Bali Wedding

Enjoying the beauty of Bali is going to be so unforgettable if you do it from the Khayangan Estate. The name “khayangan” means “seventh heaven” where everything is supposed to be really beautiful and enchanting. This private villa in Uluwatu, Bali is completed by the ultimate luxury for you to enjoy the beautiful island. It is located on the south west tip of the island and it is completed by the view of high cliff to p and also a white and beach.

This villa is very luxurious. It has a beautiful and unique design of a traditional Javanese house. Most of villa is made out of strong and sturdy teak wood. It sparks the traditional point of the villa. The villa has two master bedrooms, beautiful bathrooms with very luxurious furniture, and a huge garden. In the garden, you can see a lot of pretty flowers and trees. You can totally get some relaxing times in the garden. You can also get the relaxation from the bath time because as stated before the bathrooms in the villa are totally beautiful. It is completed by amazing bath tub and also rain showers. You can also relax in the bedroom because the bedroom is completed by private water garden and also clear pond. They are all so beautiful and they are ready to make you calm and relax during your vacation in Bali.

For options, of course you can rent the luxury Bali villa estate with multiple options. If you bring small party only for the vacation, you can rent the three bedroom villa. However, for bigger party, surely you can choose the six bedroom renting option. You will get a villa to stay with a couple of lap pools and also several smaller pools. You can even get a cold plunge pools. There will be gym, spa, cliff edge gazebo, and a business center for sure.

Staying in such villa will make you enjoy Bali with style. This villa, by the way, is also very suitable to host a special occasions like weddings or birthday party with your friends and family.


There are many facilities that you can get in Khayangan Estate. Basically you will get the convenience of 5 star hotel with a very Balinese style. This kind of convinence you won’t probably find anywhere else.

Khayangan Estate is a very suitable place to get a high privacy because it is a self-contained private estate. In the estate, you will get:

  • Six luxurious bedrooms with amazing and very comfortable en-suite bathrooms which are going to be hard to find anywhere else.
  • Living pavilions and also dining pavilions for the family or the party to gather around.
  • Two lavish infinity swimming pools with no border on the sight.
  • Spa with professional services and equipments
  • Pavillion located on a cliff-top to make you enjoy unbelievably beautiful scenery.
  • Modern kitchen with full and modern kitchen appliances
  • Private office with complete furniture
  • A professional gym with complete equipments and also professional trainer if you need one
  • A modern library with large collections of books, board games, and also DVD’s
  • Outdoor games that you can freely play such as badminton and lawn croquet
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection all across the estate
  • Modern sound system set with iPod connections in each and every one of the bedroom