Sinaran Surga

Romantic impression and the beauty of Bali nature be a reason to get married at the Private Villa Bali


Sinaran Surga Bali Villa Wedding

Staying in Bali with style can totally be done if your stay in Sinaran Surga Resort. It is a wonderful resort located on the Bukit Peninsula, Southern Bali. The resort has two villas that you can rent of course. One of the villas is completed by amazing design and also luxurious facility so that you can totally have a good time here in the villa. The villa has 4 bedrooms with amazing facility and full equipments of course. The other villa has 5 bedrooms with high privacy and also cliff-top scenery.

Both of the villas are completed by 24 hours of security and it can offer you the ultimate tranquility. It is completed by traditional Balinese design with statues and traditional architecture as well. The villas were designed by Terry Brook, a well-known architect from Australia. He has designed the villa to be very comforting and relaxing.

You can do many things in the villa including enjoy your leisure times by paling tennis on the tennis court, workout in the gym, and also enjoy beautiful scenery of a magnificent beach located nearby. You can surf there or get tan skin there. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset there of course.


  • Each and every one of the bedroom in the villa is completed by air conditioner, walk-in wardrobe, private terrace which is very safe, and also several deck chairs. The rooms are totally secured and private for you to enjoy the beauty of Bali in tranquility.
  • Every room will be completed by full media entertainment set such as flat screen TV, DVD, MP3 players, CD players, and also stereo speakers. There will be home theaters as well for you and your family to enjoy the quality time together.
  • The entire building is covered by Wi-Fi. You can get the strong and stable connection of internet 24/7 and you can easily access any updates of your social media using the strong connection of the Wi-Fi.
  • There is a fax machine in the building so that you can use it to communicate to your relatives aboard or to do your business while you are on vacation. The fax machine is located on the reception desk.
  • This facility is complete by spa. There is a spa pavilion with two massages table and also a full size Balinese lava stone bath up that you can use to relax. It is a perfect way to get your body fresh again after a long day of vacation.


Tennis court

If you love tennis, surely you can do tennis on the tennis court available in this villa. The tennis court is completed by international standard so that you can play tennis and have fun on your vacation. The tennis court can be used anytime that you want.

Fully equipped gymnasium

Do not forget to mind your health while you are on vacation. That is why you have to keep working out even on vacation. Do not worry about that because this villa is completed by a modern gym with full equipments where you can keep your body healthy.