Villa Phalosa

Romantic impression and the beauty of Bali nature be a reason to get married at the Private Villa Bali


Phalosa Bali Villa Wedding

If you want to have your special moments in Bali such as your weddings, family gatherings, or birthday party here in this magnificent island, you will have to find a vast area where you can have your party. The right place for it is at Villa Phlaosa. This villa is completed by extensive lawn and modern architecture so that it looks really luxurious and suitable for your occasion. It has the view of beautiful sunset from the Indian Ocean. By the way, the name “Phlaosa” is taken from an ancient Greek which means “to shine”. It shows exactly how great this site will make your occasion shines and unforgettable.

This villa is perfect for any occasions that you plan even for weddings. You do not need an altar here because the place is really beautiful and you will have a lot of good memories here in this villa. This villa has numerous facilities including huge parking lot in which your guests can park their vehicle. Most importantly, this villa is completed by a very Balinese scenery. You can have your occasion in the afternoon and make your guests enjoy the sunset by the end of the day.