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Wedding Planner Services

A. Wedding Day Coordinator

  • It’s important to have a coordinator for a wedding. We can help you coordinating your wedding to fit your criteria of dream wedding while you and your partner can sit back and relax. The service will be started from 4 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding date but the wedding date needs to be confirmed 4 months in advance. During this time or as soon as you book our service, we will provide you the necessary information such as vendor recommendations for anything you have yet to book. With a checklist in your hand, you’ll be ready to confirm whatever you need. We’ll put them into ceremony logistics list, create a timeline and more. In the final month, we will take care of communication with vendors and make sure that everything will go according to the plan. We will lead you throughout the rehearsal and the real big day from the beginning to the end.

B. Wedding Planner

  • When you have no idea where or what style you want for your wedding, Nika Di Bali can help you to choose the perfect venue, providing vendor recommendations during consultation and review the vendor contracts later on. After spending time to understand what you truly need, we will make a proposal based on our understanding of what you will need. The proposal includes everything about the wedding. We are also offering services of a la carte suite those will be selected to fit your needs. We have confidence in understanding our clients and planning the weddings that truly reflect their personalities.
Our Service

Commitment Weddings Services

This is an ideal option for couples who want to get only the Bali wedding ceremony. You will be able to choose your own venue as well as the other things by your own including the vendor options. The wedding ceremony that can be done here is from any religion and even suitable for atheists.

Recently, there are more and more couples coming from various places around the world who want to get involved deeply in the matter of planning and organizing their very own weddings in Bali. A lot of them don’t want to hire the service of expensive Bali wedding planners or organizers or the all-inclusive package. With this commitment ceremony package, you will be able to choose your venue, décor, photographer, stylist and a lot other service. All of them can be chosen by your own.

The wedding ceremony will last for about 20 to 25 minutes overseen by a priest who we send to lead the ceremony. We’ll prepare a special certificate as a memorabilia to be kept. You don’t need to worry about what you need to do. Our wedding consultant will work coordinating every detail of your ceremony and be your guide throughout the wedding ceremony. Optionally, we offer pre-wedding meeting where we will be able to discuss all details regarding the commitment ceremony. During the meeting, you will also be able to get rehearsal for your ceremony.

We have a collection of liturgies and couples can chose liturgies for the ceremony. The liturgies may be religious or even not religious.

Our wedding consultants are very friendly and highly experienced. They w8ill be ready on the site 30 minutes before the ceremony begins, telling the groom when to go to the altar, telling the bride when to get ready for the ceremony and telling when the guests are to be seated.

A lot of couples choose to do the legal wedding in their home countries after or maybe before the Bali wedding ceremonies. This is a very good way to save time as well as hassle in preparing everything needed in Bali. As a reminder, some countries or nationalities may have difficulties in taking care of the needed paperwork for the legal wedding in Bali. In these cases, the choice to get Bali commitment ceremony will be a perfect option. The commitment ceremony can even be considered being close or even almost identical to the legal wedding. The difference is no Indonesian Civil Registry officers to attend the ceremony.

The major benefit from commitment ceremony is no regulations required. Religions of brides and grooms as well as other things won’t matter. Even the atheist couples will get their wedding ceremony as smooth as silk. You can bring your own liturgy and then tell us what do you want or expect in the ceremony.

Please do note that this type of ceremony is not going to legally approve the marriage. Of you wish to get fully legal wedding, you can take care of it while being in your country or get our package of fully legal wedding.