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Make Up Tips For The Mature Bride

How to Look Youthful during the Special Wedding Day for the Mature Bride

Wedding day always needs to be the best moment for the bride and groom. That also shall be the time when the bride looks beautiful the most in her life. Sure, no matter whether she is 20s, 30s, or even 50s. It would not be a big deal as long as the application of the makeup is completely right. It does not mean it depends on the makeup. Make up only becomes the method to improve the natural and basic beauty of the bride, but still it has to be applied properly for getting the best result no matter what the condition of the skin is.

For the older brides, of course they have their common skin problems as like the fine lines and even the skin condition which becomes drier. That is including if you are a bride at 50s. You do not need to be worried because by applying the makeup in a right way, you will get your natural beauty for you big day. Here are some tips to make the mature bride’s skin to have the fabulous yet adorable look.

The Makeup Base for the Better Skin Look

The key for your mature skin is about getting it properly hydrated. Most of women will tent to choose the moisturizer which is much heavier for dealing with the dry skin. However, you need to be sure that you do not put the makeup base or moisturizer which is really greasy. To conceal the laughter lines and also your pores, you can use the primer product which is hydrating as your makeup base. Perhaps the product as like Moisture Rich Foundation by Bobby Brown can be a good idea to try. However, if you need the better coverage, you can apply the foundation which is a bit heavier. Another solution is to use the light concealer to be only applied in the area which needs the better coverage. What you need to keep in mind here is to not to apply the heavy base on the area which have lots of wrinkles and lines, as like the area of the eyes and any dry area including the laughing line areas. In addition, you have to be much more careful with the makeup product which can reflect the light. Do not apply it under your eyes or where your wrinkles are since it will highlight and show off your fine lines and wrinkles.

The Proper Application of Eye Makeup

Applying the eye primer which is light will be the key for dealing with the youthful look eyes. That will help keeping the eye shadows to be last longer on your eye lids and as another benefit it will also help minimizing the risk of showing off the lines and creases on the eye lids effectively. Another idea to deal with the lines and creases around your eye is by avoiding the eye shadow in cream form.

Applying the shimmer which is subtle is still a good thing since it can help your eyes brighter. However, do not do it too much because it will make your wrinkles look clearly. Of course it will also make your entire face makeup looks too much.

Applying the liquid eye liner for the laid back look is a good idea. Still, it is better to avoid the heavy pencil eye liner for your bottom lash lines. It is because it can easily smudge and will result your face look to be completely tired and worse. It is good to choose the soft brown powder as the alternative.

For the lashes, the individual type of the artificial lashes will be nice to make your thin eye lashes to be much more volume. What about the strip lashes? That is not recommended unless it is totally natural yet totally fine. That is because it will look totally fake and not natural. It will also make you look much older.

Applying the Proper Contour and Blush

Contour and blush play an important role. You can apply the contour in a light way. It will give the youthful look to your face. It is also not that complicated. You can try applying the bronzer lightly around the forehead sides and also under your cheekbone. That gives the glowing look which is really natural. Then, you can also apply the cream blush onto the cheek apples. The powder or compact blush will show the fine lines much clearer.

The Right Makeup for the Brows

It is better to choose the powder for your brows which is applied using the angled brush. It is recommended than using the brow pencil. That is because the powder will make the natural result. It will also be really soft without the lines which are harsh and appeared clearly.

Perfect Lip-Do

The key of the lip-do for the mature bride is about choosing the moisturizing lipstick rather than the matter one. The shiny lips will make your look much younger. However, do not forget applying the lip liner properly in order to define your lipstick.

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