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Noah Chapel Bali

Momen Pernikahan Yang Anda Abadikan ini
akan menjadi sejarah yang akan Anda kenang di kemudian hari.

Designing & planning creatively
inspired Wedding at Noah Chapel

Noah Chapel, Jimbaran, Bali

If you are looking for fabulous villa, the Noah Bridal villa is the answer. The highlight of this particular place is the ship building. Apparently, the inspiration of this place is from the story of Noah’s Ark. The main highlight is placed in the heart of the villas.

Noah’s Ark comes as a symbol of hope and enlightenment in the lost world. The Ark is said to be the one that brings the living things in the world to go on a spiritual voyage to find an everlasting happiness. Nature is one of the elements of the story which goes perfectly with the setting of Noah Bridal Villa’s. The setting of this place is completed surrounded with small ponds full of fish. You can also hear the flow of the water throughout the area. The water comes from waterfalls as well as small lagoons. The water at Noah Bridal Villa’s seems to live side by side with endless green grass, air, and even soil.

Philosophically, the place echoes the meaning of great marriage as a spiritual journey of two people in order to be victorious together. If you are looking for a divine retreat in Bali as a luxurious chapel with its incredible construction and its great view of South Bali’ sky and ocean, Noah Bridal Villa’s is the answer. It is more than just a villa; it is a highly functional venue that hosts celebrations.

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