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Outdoor Wedding Ideas

You will need amazing outdoor wedding ideas if you want your special day to be extremely memorable. Outdoor wedding has different vibe with indoor wedding. It is unique and exquisite photographs are guaranteed thanks to the natural lighting. However, deciding on decorations for outdoor wedding is not a simple matter. The decorations must be able to blend together with the natural surroundings, but at the same time shows the characteristics of the theme you choose.

Speaking of the theme, there are so many of them you can pick for your wedding. You can still go traditional at the backyard of your house, you can say your vow while watching the sun sets by the beach, or you can have a beautiful fairy tale wedding by the pool or at a garden. No matter which theme you choose, everything will be great if you are able to decorate the venue perfectly. Here are some great outdoor wedding ideas you can apply to your special day.

Rustic Wedding

There is something special about a rustic theme wedding at the backyard of your house. It is unique but not over the top. It exudes a warm atmosphere so it is a perfect opportunity to spend time with your closest friends and family.

Decorating a rustic theme outdoor wedding can be challenging, but if you have chosen a venue that can support the theme, like at a backyard of a farm house, it will be much easier. First of all, of course you need to provide a sign at the entrance to lead the guests’ way to the venue. Since we need something vintage and traditional, a chalkboard sign with wooden frame is definitely the best idea.

Decorate the venue with earthy colors such as various shades of brown with a hint of other popping colors like yellow or pink for accents. Prepare distressed wooden chairs for the guests to sit, but don’t forget to combine them with colorful ribbons so that the decoration will not look dull.

If you hold the wedding ceremony when the sun has set, you certainly need to prepare lighting. To create even a warmer nuance, don’t forget to put decorated candles here and there. For the floral decorations, you don’t have to invest on fancy and expensive vase. For rustic outdoor wedding, clay pots or even steel buckets will suffice. Choose flowers with neutral colors and small petals so that they can blend well with the vase.

Beach Wedding

If you are getting married at summer, you will need outdoor wedding ideas for beach venue. Beach is a perfect place to tie the knots especially if you decorate the venue well. There will be a lot of winds in this place so it is best to choose sheer fabrics for decoration so that you can see them flowing beautifully. You also will be prettier if you wear simple wedding dress instead of ball gown style.

Your guests definitely want to feel the sand on their feet, so prepare a beautiful wooden shoe rack at the entrance just in case they want to put their shoes off. It is always best to go with slim wooden furniture and backdrop for wedding beach since it will blend perfectly with the sand.

Furthermore, if you are not a fan of floral decorations, you can just ditch them. You are at the beach so make sure the decoration describe it perfectly. Instead of flowers you can hang colorful beach balls and also put some nautical theme decorations here and there. If you hold your parties at night, you can use paper lantern for extra lightings, and you can even fly them to make party livelier.

Garden Wedding

Garden is one of the most popular venues for outdoor wedding. Contrary to other outdoor venues that have been mentioned above, garden has neutral vibe so it is easy to make the decorations. One thing that will always work for a garden wedding is definitely flowers. So, if you are a fan of colorful flowers, this is your chance to go bold. For the vase, stick with white for the color and make sure it is slim without too much decoration. This is a great way to let the flowers speak for themselves.

You can also use backdrop decorated with more flowers and crawling leaves which will blend perfectly with the grass under your feet. Speaking of grass, you might want to warn your guests about this so they can wear appropriate shoes. For the bridesmaids, it is best if you prepare concrete steps so their heels will not sink to the grass when they are standing.

When you choose a venue and decorations for outdoor wedding, you need to think about the timing as well. If you are going to get married at spring, serene and beautiful outdoor wedding ideas at the garden is definitely the one you need.

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