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Chinese Wedding

How to Prepare Chinese Wedding

Chinese wedding is unique like the other wedding ceremonies. This has distinct culture making everyone interested in it. A procession of Chinese wedding generally includes wedding moments for Chinese couple. It is divided into 3 stages, pre – wedding procession, wedding ceremony, and post – wedding procession. If you want to hold Chinese wedding, you should prepare the following wedding ceremony stages

Conducting Pre – Chinese Wedding Rituals

Before the d – day of Chinese wedding, there are at least 5 processions that should be conducted by bride and broom.

  • Marriage Proposal
  • The first procession is marriage proposal. For this proposal procession, there is a couple reckoning another person to determine the best time for marriage purpose. But, there are some people ignoring in this occasion. The important role in this procession is handled by matchmaker sent by groom. The matchmaker will send a message to the bride’s family that both are a right soulmate for a marriage. The preparation is selecting a descent place for this procession. It is fairly crucial, that is a residence of bride.

  • Sangjit Procession
  • The next one is determination procession. If the signal of matchmaker is positive, the next way is determining the further procession, Sangjit procession. It is an important procession in a Chinese wedding. The right time for sangjit can be consulted to parents. This is usually conducted one month to a week before a wedding reception. In this procession, there are some preparations from groom. The items of marriage proposal are 12 trays that will be given to the bride family. Those include cosmetics and bathing items, jewelry, clothes and accessories, angpao and party money in the red envelope, 2 pairs of red candle, pig’s leg, a tray of red bowl cake for 18 slices, a tray of two bottles of wine, and a tray of the combination of gold, two bundles of double happiness ribbon, mirror, and one cake. Meanwhile, bride also gives a back gift for groom. The gifts from groom are only taken a half including money, red candle, leg of pig, bowl cake, and two bottles of red syrup. A tray of sweet foods like candies or chocolate are prepared for groom. A tray of men’s need and items like clothes, underwear, and hander kerchief is available for the groom.

  • Engagement Procession
  • This procession becomes an agenda of introduction for every family member between two sides. This is aimed at having a good and close relationship between man and woman family. Then, it continues to the next agenda, a preparation of engagement procession. Make sure that it has wider size in order to accommodate more guests. In Chinese wedding, a determination of the best day is a sacred moment. It must select the best time, day, and month usually in the early month, time, and day. Bed linen installation is conducted as well before the d – day. The procession is based on the right dating. Bachelor party is done at night before the wedding day. This ceremony is attended by friends of both bride and groom conducted in bride’s house.

Holding Wedding Procession and Ceremony in D – Day

After you have prepared all things before wedding day, it is time to hold wedding ceremony of Cia Tao. This ceremony is carried out in some stages giving an honor to God, nature, ancestor, parents, and both bridegroom. This ceremony starts praying at home and continues in pagoda. Then, you get back to a house in order to regard to your parents or elderly people. The preparation of this Chinese wedding ceremony is a praying red desk consisting of three levels. The content of desk includes 7 fruit items, water – content vase, green grass, and tray. You need to prepare special clothes for bridegroom known as Pao. The next agenda is blessing ceremony in monastery lead by pandita giving blessing to both bridegrooms. The last procession is Tea Pai ceremony. This ceremony is an agenda that will be attended by parents of both sides and elderly people. In this agenda, every family member gives advice to both bridegrooms in order that household runs well and harmonious. In addition to give advice, they will give gifts for bridegroom. Those are some steps of Chinese wedding that you should conduct.

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