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Questions To Ask The Wedding Venue

Questions to Ask the Wedding Venue. Finding the right wedding venue is not really easy so that we need to have a lot of references and be really selective in making a right decision of your wedding venue. All bride and groom to be want the wedding to be perfect, so that the good preparation is needed including in finding the right wedding venue. No matter whether you are the groom and bride to be or you are the arranger of the wedding, you need to be selective in choosing it. Then, when finding the right venue, we often feel that really excited even though it is always really overwhelming. For sure, if you already found some ideal yet interesting venues for your wedding, you still need to be selective. Then you can make a choice and find the detail info about it for your best wedding plan. You need to consider and prepare some essential questions to ask the venue parties in order to get the details which we need to consider before making the plan.


Getting Well Prepared

Here are some essential questions which you need to mind and ask to the venue for the proper preparation.


1. In what time can our team start doing the venue preparation including to decorate and to set it up?

The florist and décor team will need time for setting the venue up.


2. Is there any team here that will help dealing with the decoration?

Some may have the team but some may not. So, it is good to ensure about it.


3. Are there any prohibited decorations here?

You need to be sure what may be prohibited there. Most of the venues are prohibiting the real candles or even the decoration stuff which is related to sticking or even nailing the wall.


4. Is there any preparation room in this venue for the bride and groom to get ready?

Many venues are providing the room for the preparation as like a makeup room, but you need to be sure.


Essential Questions for Dealing with the Wedding Ceremony


The questions below are important to deal with the wedding ceremony

5. What is the capacity of this venue?

Getting to know about the capacity of the venue will give us the info for the possible invitations which can be prepared, but the different layout may also have the different capacity.


6. Is the venue providing the chairs and table for the registrar?

Making sure whether they provide it or not and ensure that it requires the additional charge or not.


7. What are the possible layouts are ready to be picked?

Each venue commonly has some different options of the layouts. Go to know them and pick one which is suitable the most for you.


8. What about the ceremony time limitation?

Always check the time of the ceremony which is ready to pick and it means you can bvook the registrar soon.


Essential Questions for Dealing with the Wedding Reception

9. Is there any special separate place for the drinks reception?

Making sure whether there is the separate place for the drinks reception or not. Getting informed as well whether there is an option for inside and out or not.


10. Is there any preferred caterer there?

You need to know about it in order to do some explorations for the best choice.


11. How many guests who are able to be seated here and is there any possible more effective layouts to choose?

The different layout may also be able to accommodate different amount of guests, just be sure.


12. Are there are quiet place or the crèche available there?

That will be helpful for setting up the kids and also the senior guests for the comfort.


13. Do the venue included a licensed bar?

Check about it in order to avoid the worse fact.


Essential Questions for Dealing with the Time Limitation and Evening Party

14. Is the venue ready for the extra guests for the evening event and how many it will be?

It will help you to manage the guest list which you are going to invite if you are going to hold an evening wedding event.


15. Is there any dance floor in the venue? If yes, is it okay for the DJ and Band?

Make sure that the venue will be okay with it.


16. In what time the event has to be finished?

Get to know the time limitation of the event so that it can be end on time.


Some General Questions which are also important

17. In case it rain on that day, is there anything to do and what will happen?

You need to know it in order to know about the plan for what to do in case it rains.


18. Are there any recommended photographic opportunities for this venue?

The venue team will have the proper result of the photo and documentation since they have the vast experience documenting the event in the venue.


19. Is there any accommodation facility in the venue?

It is important for planning whether you can stay on the venue or not while preparing.


20. How much money we have to spend for a room?

If there is the accommodation, make sure about the cost.


21. Is there any local accommodation available near the venue?

If there is no accommodation available in the venue, finding info about the local accommodation near it is a good solution.


22. Is it allowed to use sky lantern or firework at the venue?

If you wish to use any of them, just be sure that the venue will allow it even though you may not have a good chance.

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