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Simple Wedding Decorations

Simple wedding can be a perfect option if you don’t want to spend too much money on your wedding. Wedding is such a sacred event and it is absolutely okay if you want to share that special moment only with your closest relatives. Besides, it is best to use the money for a perfect honeymoon getaway or simply saving it for your family’s future.

But just because you want a budget wedding, it doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate the venue for your special day beautifully. If you can be creative, there are plenty of simple and affordable decorations that will beautify your wedding venue without making it look cheap. You can use these following ideas to make the wedding of your dream come true with a small budget.

Floral Decorations

If you want a simple wedding and don’t want to go overboard with the decoration, simply go with flowers and ditch the other expensive ornaments. Flowers are mostly cheap so you don’t have to spend too much cost on decorations. Furthermore, there are plenty of options and colors so no matter what theme you choose for your wedding, you will always have something to pick.

If you want an out of the box decoration, you can hang the flower vases on the ceiling. Not only it is beautiful, it also will help making the room look higher and larger which will add some elegant vibes to the room. Furthermore, you can also put small flowers in glass vases on the table as a centerpiece decoration in that area.

Balloon Backdrop

Backdrop is an essential part of every wedding ceremony. It is the center of the room and everybody will definitely take a good look at it so you cannot think of this lightly. Furthermore, great backdrop will create a great wedding picture of you and your spouse tying the knot.

There is no need to build fancy backdrop with complicated crawling grass or other expensive decorations. If you want to save money for the backdrop but want to make sure it will look stunning at the same time, you can use balloons as backdrop.

Use balloons with soft colors like white and pink so that the decoration doesn’t look over the top. To make the backdrop looks more unique and stand out, don’t blow the balloon into similar sizes. Instead, freely combine giant balloons with normal size balloons according to what you like. The difference in size is actually very simple but can make the backdrop looks more stunning.

White Fabric

If you are not sure how you can make a beautiful and simple wedding decoration, simply have some faith on white fabric. Why white fabric? Well, firstly because white always work for a wedding and secondly, because white fabric can makes the venue looks elegant and expensive without wasting too much effort and money.

If you cannot afford beautiful chairs to seat your guests, simply cover the chairs with white fabric, tie them with palette color ribbons and everything is set. Furthermore, you can also use the fabric to drape the ceilings. The white fabric, preferably something sheer, will make the ceiling looks higher and give some sense of space to the room. You can also use it as backdrop if you prefer a wedding with traditional theme.

Candle Centerpiece

To complete the decoration of the venue, it is very important to decorate the dining table as well. Your guests will pay the most attention to this part so make sure you will not fail to put a beautiful centerpiece at the dining table. Speaking of centerpiece, one of the best decorative items you can use for this purpose is candles.

If the table is too small to hold a flower vase, candles can take that job perfectly. Candles are simple but they are very useful, especially if you hold the party at night. Not only the candle will be a centerpiece at the dining table, it will also act as extra lightings that will make the foods look more mouthwatering.

Paper Garlands

Another idea you can use as the backdrop. If you are after a more casual themed wedding party, paper garland is a very good idea. This garland is basically just papers so of course it is extremely cheap. But despite of the price, it will not make your cheap looks like a kindergarten class as long as you know how to put it as a decoration. You can set the garlands to resemble a curtain with so many flows and color gradations.

Paper Lanterns

Last but not least, you can also hang plenty of paper lanterns on the top of your head. Even though it can be a good decoration for indoor wedding, paper lantern is actually more suitable for outdoor wedding. It can grab attention but it is not over the top so this item is perfect for simple wedding

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