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Wedding Decor Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Therefore, it’s not surprising, if this island become one of most popular vacation destination as well as a place where many people want to hold their special event, for example wedding. You may also want to do the same. However, like other place, you need to know few things about holding wedding ceremony in Bali.

One of them is about Wedding Decor Bali. There are many services that can help you with this matter. Each of them offers different type of decoration. Most of the decorations you can get from them are made of flower. This is also the most popular choice for wedding decoration you can choose. Of course, to choose them, price is one of thing you need to considerate. So, here is some of information about them.

US $400

This is the cheapest Wedding Decor Bali price you can find. With this price, you will get traditional coconut leave arch, which give your wedding place some natural touch. Then, there is some of flowers decoration on several places, such as 2 small standing flowers that is place on aisle. You also can get flower petal and some of chair and other furniture for your family. This price is suitable for you who plan to have small number of guest attending your wedding, like your family. If you want to invite more people, you need to take next price range.

US $700 – US $1,000

This is great choice, for you who want to have party with 20 or more guest. You will get what you can get from the US$400 package, but you can get extra 4 standing flower. Plus, you also can get more flower petal and decorated chairs for your guest. These first two packages can be said as the basic package for Wedding Decor Bali. They used the local product and you can’t order specific type of decoration and flower. The next package will be great choice, if you want to add more of your personalized idea on your wedding decoration.

US $1,000 – US $2,000

This package will allows you to choose and request any flower that you like, even imported flower. More than that, you also can get much better flower arch and 50 and more tiffany chairs, and other stuff for bride and bridesmaids as well as groom and best men. More than that, some of wedding decoration service provider also offers some of great addition, such as big flower aisle and more. This is great choice for you who want to hold big ceremony with all friends, give them best party as well as save more money for Wedding Decor Bali.

US $8,000 – US $10,000

This is the best package you can get from any Wedding Decor Bali providers you can find. The package at this value will give you everything that you want. You will get all different flower theme color that you can choose, with many options of flower choices. This is also great choice for you who want to invite more than 100 guests. They also get all chair decorated. You also can get beautiful flower arch and aisle as well as complete flower bouquet for family, bride, bridesmaid, groom and best men.

Extra Price You Should Know

The most important thing that you need to know here is the distance between the location of your wedding party and the decoration provider. If it’s quite far, the provider will usually charge for transportation cost. And, it can be really expensive, because it’s quite difficult to carry the flower and keep its freshness until the location where it will be placed as decoration. So, you need to confirm this with the provider, to know how much price you need to pay for their service. The other thing that you also need to know, the Wedding Decor Bali provider usually charges more for the dinner decoration. So, they separate the wedding ceremony with the wedding party at night decoration. And, the amount of extra charges that you need to pay can reach up to US$3,000. This is quite expensive and if you count the cost, it can reach double the normal cost that you spend for the flower decoration only. However, with this extra charge, you will get more, such as lantern, fairy lights, candle, table decoration, place cards for every guest and many more. Basically, this will give your guest best experience as well as make your wedding become one of the best events you ever had.

Basically, if you want to get the best package, you need to pay more attention to the scale of the wedding party that you want to hold. Of course, you also need to compare it with the budget that you have. That way, you will get the right package for Wedding Decor Bali that you need and suitable for your wedding ceremony.

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