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6 Wedding Decoration Ideas for Classic Fairy Tale Theme

Are you currently looking for wedding decoration ideas that will fulfill your childhood fairytale fantasies? Well, if you are, you have come to the right place. When you were a little girl, maybe you are watching the wedding of Cinderella, Snow White or Ariel and you wondered whether one day you could have such a pretty wedding party just like those classic fairytale characters?

Even though you have now grown up and realized that fairytales aren’t real, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a fairytale themed wedding for yourself. The majestic garden, flowing ball gown, your loved one waiting for you at the altar …. Everything you have ever dreamed of you can make come true in your special day. The good news is, even though fairytale is considered a “children theme”, there are so many ways you can do to make your fairytale wedding looks elegant and mature and not look like something you watch at a cartoon. Here are some ideas that you will love.

Woven Branch Arches

To create the most magical outdoor wedding, you need to mind the design of the wedding arches. And when it comes to wedding arches with fairytale taste in it, there is nothing that can beat woven branch style arch. This arch is really beautiful because the woven branch resembles the beautiful jungle you always look at fairytale movies.

The woven branch will look more beautiful combined with crawling green leaves with bouquets of pink and red roses surrounding it. if you want the arch to look even more natural, you can add some moss on the edges. This kind of arch definitely will be a great backdrop for you while you are wearing your exquisite princess ball gown dress. Many people agree that this type of arch is simply the most creative wedding decoration ideas.

Words Straight Out Of Fairytale Books

To bring the fairytale to live, sometimes you need to take everything literally. So, make sure you put some famous words that always exist in every fairytale books such as ‘once upon a time’ or ‘happily ever after’. You can put the ‘once upon a time’ sign at the entrance. It will symbolize the beginning of your journey to a happier life. It is very simple, but the meaning is deep. Besides, fairytale stories never feel complete without those words, right?

White Dominated Garden Party

When the party is held at the garden, it means you will have access to a place with lush greeneries and beautiful flowers, which both are essential parts of a fairytale setting. To create some contrast with the natural green, it is best if you dominate the decoration and also your wedding dress with white. Fairytale is basically a classic and traditional theme anyway, so white is definitely a good decision.

You can put white wooden chairs, they can be a little distressed if you like vintage vibe. You can also give even more whites by putting white flowers here and there. White wedding cake with some colorful accents will do too.

Chandelier and Golden Hues

Fairytale wedding is mostly held outdoors. But if you afraid of the rain or simply hate the wind ruining your precious hairdo, you can take the party indoor. There are still so many wedding decoration ideas with fairytale taste that you can bring inside the building. One of them is chandelier. Chandelier is majestic, it is elegant and its presence alone can make you feel like you are a princess in a fairytale story.

To accompany the beauty of the chandelier, you can give some golden hues to the room. Think Beauty and the Beast. That kind of hues from the lightings can make the room looks expensive and whimsical. You can add some candles on the table for extra romantic vibe.

Flowery Wedding Walkway

Fairytale wedding is actually all about flower, flower and flower. You have hung the flowers on the ceiling, put it in every corner and even give flower crowns for your bridesmaid. But all those things will not be enough if you haven’t spread the petals on the walkway of the aisle. Let those beautiful petals lead you on your way to the altar. This way, you will literally walk on a flower path.

Fairy Lights

Fairytale will not be complete without some fairy dust. Since you cannot get your own fairy dust, you can get creative and use fairy lights as substitute. The small lamps bind together on long cables really resemble fairy dust and it is a great way to make your wedding more whimsical, especially when you hold the ceremony at night. Fairy lights will look more suitable for outdoor venue since it will perfectly contrast with the dark sky. However, it is still also one of the best wedding decoration ideas for fairytale themed wedding in indoor venue as well.

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