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Wedding Pisel Rieska

Wedding Pisel & Rieska – Beautiful Wedding at Afternoon

Afternoon wedding always become such a challenge. Creating best shot of special moment as well as create best party that can satisfy the client is difficult. But, we successfully did it with this wedding. The place they choose are simple, but with right preparation and photo shot, this wedding ceremony become one of the best, most beautiful and romantic moment of the bride and broom’s life.

We also successfully capture every special moment in their wedding, from the very beginning, when the bride and broom in preparation stage until the wedding party at night. And, if you are looking at these photos, you will find out we also successfully captured happy moment for every special person that attend the party. Was it only photos? No! We also create nice place where they can spend the time to enjoy this special moment. The decoration creates beautiful scenery. The bride and brooms looks even better with these decorations and it successfully create romantic scene from them.

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Ananda Yoga Organizer will be able to do all of that for you. Therefore, you don’t have to hesitate if you want to make similar event. We are ready for you. We will deliver the best result like what you want.

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