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Why Do You Need To Pay More For Bridal Makeup Service

Finding the best Bridal Makeup Service for your wedding ceremony can be really difficult. The price becomes the main obstacle here. The cheaper service usually will give you a low-quality result. For better service and result, like “widodari”, you may need to pay quite an amount of money. However, it’s normal. Bridal Makeup is indeed more expensive than makeup service for other party or event.

You will need to prepare at least 5 million Rupiah ($340). In some case, you need to pay more than that for the makeup.

However, we have to admit that the Bridal Makeup isn’t an easy job to do. It is similar to a painter or artist. Moreover, the makeup artist specialized for Bridal Makeup also has strong physic and high professionalism.

1# Working Hours

The bridal makeup artist has different working hours. Unlike the common worker, who work from 9 to 5, the makeup artist must get themselves ready anytime. It doesn’t matter it is dawn or midnight, if they get a call for work, they have to be ready.

The bridal makeup artist has to give the best for their client, as the wedding ceremony itself is the sacred moment and the most important moment in one’s life. They are married one times only. For those who married more than one, they don’t appreciate the One that allows that sacred moment to happen, The God.

2# It’s Not Only the Face

Bridal Makeup doesn’t only do the face makeup. Most people only know that a makeup artist does the face makeup. However, for a bridal makeup artist, they also need to do other parts, such as the neck, shoulder, nape, arm, and back. Therefore, they need hours and even a whole day to finish their job.

3# Expensive Makeup Tool

The makeup bridal artist uses very expensive and high-end class makeup tool. Therefore, their service is not cheap. With the non-fading quality result guarantee, they need to use those best tools in their job. If they use the cheaper makeup tool, there will be many problems, such as it will be faded out when the bride cry. Or, the makeup will disappear because of too much sweat. Therefore, with this best-quality product, the makeup will last for a long time.

4# It Takes A Lot of Times to Learn Bridal Makeup Art

Just like a pilot that needs to have high flight hours, a bridal makeup artist also needs to learn many things and accumulate many experiences to become a professional. Professional here means that that makeup artist must be able to do the makeup on the client by himself/herself.

YouTube is a good source where you can learn about makeup techniques. And many people open a bridal makeup service by using the skill that they’ve learned from it. This is actually not good. As a professional, you can’t just have the skill to do the makeup job. You also need to learn about doing the art of makeup on different skin characteristic. This is important, so the artist will be able to handle all kinds of the client that come to him/her.

5# Mastering the Contour Technique

A bridal makeup artist doesn’t only use foundation, powder, and lipstick. They also have to master the contour technique to create the best shape of the client’s face. The application of highlight and shadow on the face will affect the result, greatly.

6# Working in Team

The bridal makeup artist will always work in a team. It is impossible to finish the job because there are many people that need their help in the single wedding ceremony. It’s not only the bride and groom. Their family also needs the makeup. Therefore, with the team, they can divide their workload.

From our explanation above, now you know the reason why you need to pay more for bridal makeup service. If you need the bridal makeup service for your wedding in Bali, you can ask Ananda Yoga Organizer Bali, here.

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